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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Give yourself an MOT

When was the last time you had time for you? Gave yourself a reward, or had a little time-out of the rat race just so you can re-charge your batteries and touch base! By law you are required to give your car an MOT, check that it is still road worthy and meets all the safety guidelines so it can continue to perform to it's optimum capacity. What about you? - when was the last time you allowed yourself some time to recharge your batteries? 

We go away on holidays, have a nice break and come back relaxed and refreshed - but in this current day and age of financial hardship there are more and more of us that are struggling to get away and are just continuing to work very hard.  I believe everyone should make sure they have at the very least a couple of hours to themselves - to give yourself space & time away from the rat race. Time to breathe, time to think and really evaluate your life choices and check you are still on the right path for what you want to achieve. 

Firstly, you need to check the basics! Diet - are you giving your body the right kind of petrol to maintain you in optimum energy and health? What about your water intake - should you be drinking more water? What about your diet? - Are you eating a good balanced diet of food at regular eating times? Plenty of fruit? What about your life style - are you getting enough sleep, smoking or drinking too much - are you taking some form of exercise? We all know the importance of all of these contributing factors so I won't go over these! 

Next you must really question what's going on inside you - During your time on your own you should be able to really connect with yourself - How do you feel? Are you tense? Tired? Feel under pressure? Unhappy? Are there some areas of your life you really are not happy with? Which areas of your life are you happy about? Check you are following the paths that still serve you and will lead to what you ultimately desire. What about the people around you? Do they provide you with the positive, caring encouragement that you deserve, or could your friendships do with a bit of an overhaul?

It is very important that you take time out to touch base with where you're going and what petrol you're putting into your mind and body.  By law we have to maintain our cars to a certain level but it is solely up to you to make sure that you are firing on all cylinders - so give yourself an MOT too! You deserve it just as much as your car, in fact more so - there's more mileage on you and you can't buy a new you when the old one is too worn down!! 

I thought this was a perfect post to welcome in the New Year - a perfect chance to really take stock of things and start the new year off with fully recharged batteries. 

So I will use this opportunity to wish you a 
I do hope it brings you all the luck, health, happiness and all the things you wish for yourself. 

Infact this is a special post because it will be my last one for a while... 
I'm not sure how long for.  I have done such an awful lot of moving forwards, of re-evaluating my thoughts and ultimately getting to know the real me - all in such a seemingly very short space of time.  I feel it is important now to give myself the time to continue to grow without the restrictions (although I enjoy it!!) of putting alot of it down in writing on this blog.  It has been an immeasurable help to me to write the way I have to obtain clarity and hopefully help others in the process.  I can still be reached on the email address at the top of this blog, so if you would like to get in touch then I look forward to hearing from you. 

Let's make 2013 a brilliant year, and I look forward to joining you again at somepoint. 

With Best Wishes, xx

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone..

This is just a very quick post to wish you all a very Happy Christmas! 
No matter what your religion, Christmas is a time for remembering the people you love and those who are no longer with us.
Here's one of my favourite Christmas Songs... I give you..

Fairytale Of New York - The Pogues

Have a really wonderful, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Some Inspiring lyircs..

These are some of the lyrics from the song "Day will come" by Keane, 
I think they are quite inspiring, see what you think:-

Some days set your world on fire
And some days they sink like stones
That's when your heart can cry out
Until your body is numb
And the night will try to change you
But the day will come

Dream hard and shoot high

Sometimes our fingers graze the sky
But we can't hold on

 Brother don't hang your head
Until your distance is run
'Cause though it seems so far away
You know the day will come.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

How do I lose my responsibilities?

 I can't keep giving - it's burning me out. Added to which, when is it time to do things for me? To be the one with no responsibility. I have always had responsibilities, I've always had a role to play - the role of the helper. Even during my childhood I was the financial helper, the peacekeeper and the negotiator - I later added the role of driver to this list - I have never relinquished any of these roles. Instead I have taken them more seriously as the years went by. I need to un-label myself - How do you lose your responsibilities? ....This is an excerpt from my morning pages.

Are there any labels that you were given at any stage of your life that have stuck with you.. and literally stuck on you??!
 Is it time to unstick yourself?